Train Robbery on September 14, 2013

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Since June Train Robbers have been robbing the Southern Prairie Railway train on their regular Pangman Market and Heritage Train.

All monies raised from the Robberies have gone to the following Charities:

  • Mobility Lift- This is a special lift that will allow people with mobility issues to be easily boarded onto the train.
  • Juvenile Diabetes – Sadly this is becoming more common and it would appear that it is not for the reasons we have historically thought. In hopes of helping find a cure we will be donating all monies raised from this robbery to the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation.
  • Eye Research – The workings of the human eye is still a bit of a mystery. When it stops working can be even a bigger mystery. All monies raised from this robbery will go to eye research.
  • Beads of Courage- Every bead tells a story of strength, honour and hope for a child with a serious illness. Each time a child is faced with a medical treatment or encouragement is needed to get a child to eat or drink, these beads work magic. All proceeds from this robbery will go to beads of courage.

One of the train robbers sent us photos of a train robbery which was held on Saturday, September 14, 2013.

Thanks for everyone who donated money to the above charities.  The train robbers have been a big hit and I am sure they will continue next summer.  Also, thanks to those who have volunteered to be part of the Train Robbery Gang.

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