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Pangman is a village located in southern Saskatchewan, Canada about 60 miles south of Regina and 37 miles West of Weyburn and is located in the Rural Municipality of Norton No. 69.

Pangman is a full-service community with water, sewer, garbage pick-up, Blue Bin Recycling Program, high-speed internet, cable tv, grocery store, gas station, restaurant, post office, bank, library, community centre, K-12 school, health centre and more.

Pangman has many activities during the year, including Street Sale, Pangman Days, Street Dance, Baseball Tournament, Farmer’s Market, Craft Sale and more.

The Village of Pangman was named after Peter Pangman who was known for fur trading in the 1700’s.  A petition to be incorporated as a village was dated May 1, 1911 and on May 17, 1911, Pangman was declared as a village.

The farming community has always been important to Pangman, from the early times to today.

Pangman School opened in 1911. It was a brick building on Main Street. In 1947 a 4 room school was built on the west side of town.  In 1965 a new high school was built beside the elementary school. In 1978 the elementary and high schools were joined for grades K to 12.

Baseball was one of the first sports to be played in the R.M. of Norton 69 district. Pangman had two teams after the war, the All Stars and the Vets. At early sports days or fairs baseball games played an important part.

You can read more about the history of Pangman in “From the Roughbark to the Buttes”, published by the R. M. of Norton History Committee in 1981, ISBN 0-88925-144-4.

With a warm welcome from the Village of Pangman and District, we hope that your visit is enjoyable and fulfilling.