The Pangman Connection

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September 15, 2009 in the world of hi-tech the Pangman & Area Economic Development Board established a website for the village of Pangman.  We have had a very capable administrator taking care of the news & photos and the many different categories of interest for our town & area.  Her name is Debra Trylinski and to say the least we could not have done this without her very capable knowledge.  Her brother Lee, who owns & operates LGR Internet Solutions of Regina, set up & is hosting the website. In the past 2 years our website has had 7,800 visits of which 4,392 are new visitors.

Our village had been planning a 100 Year Celebration since April, 2010 and we had a direct link to the Pangman website with information concerning the agenda-registration & volunteer forms as well as any updates we could have on there for peoples interest.  After the celebration we have posted many photos and stories of the weekend.

The Pangmans from Texas

So now the PANGMAN CONNECTION– In May 2011 we had a visit on our website from folks in Texas querying about our town and their possible connection to the original name–Pangman.  Their names are PANGMAN and they had some relatives in the past number of years visit here.  We were quick to connect and let them know of our 100 Year Celebration plans and gave them a very wide open– COME if you can only to receive a response– we are coming.  Jim (Sr) & wife Joan, & their son Jim (Jr) arrived to be with us August 12 right at the beginning of registration and were here the entire weekend.  They came with quite a bit of history & genealogy and were linked up with the local historian group.  We thoroughly enjoyed them being here and their interest in our town & happenings was a delight for the local people to experience.  The week after our 100 Year Celebration we received another visit on our website from Don Pangman in Oakville, Ontario with much of the same questions-so after a bit of back & forth he has connected with Jim Pangman and they have shared family trees and are of the mind that they are both interlinked many generations later to PETER PANGMAN;  The man whom our town is named after.

It will be interesting to watch the unfolding history of these two  families who are many miles apart and yet will perhaps find their roots in Pangman, Saskatchewan. Canada all thanks to the wonderful WORLD WIDE WEB.

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