Pangman Charity Farms Harvests 6th Annual Crop

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Charity Farms 2013 Harvest

Neighbours, businesses, volunteers and even the weather co-operated on October 15th to harvest the Charity Farms crop southeast of Pangman.

Rodger Sambrook, Wayne Lozinsky, Adam Farquhar, Adam Sambrook, Gladys Jesse, Brian Jesse, Richard Metke, John Colbow and Wes Gurskey all pitched in to make the day a great success. Five combines, three tandems and a grain cart were used to harvest a bountiful field of flax in under six hours on a half section of land owned by Ken and Joyce Kaufmann and rented to Charity Farms.

Charity Farms president Brian Jesse was pleased with the quality and quantity of flax harvested. He expressed his appreciation for all the volunteer effort that has gone into the Charity Farms community and school fundraising venture since its inception in 2008.

The day ended with a great harvest supper sponsored by Weyburn KFC (thank you Larie Semen, manager). A big thanks also to E. Bourassa & Sons, Pangman Co-op, Nelson Motors & Equipment, Bill Peters, Jeff West, Ken Vogel, and Gabe Vogel for adding to the success of the harvest.

 Charity Farms 2013 Harvest 1

Charity Farms 2013 Harvest 2

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