Pangman Book Club News!

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The book club continues to meet at the Pangman Library on the 2nd Wednesday of the month at 7:00 p.m.

In March our book selection was The Bishop Man by Linden MacIntyre,  the 2009 Giller Prize winner. This book is about a sensitive topic, the sexual abuses perpetrated by the Catholic priests in Canada. It tells the story of Father Duncan who has been the Bishop’s dutiful enforcer whose duties were to check the excesses of priests and to suppress the evidence. When  events veer out of control, he is sent to a small parish were he is forced into painful self-knowledge as family, community and friendship are torn apart under the strain of suspicion, obsession and guilt.

Everyone enjoyed this selection. This book generated a great deal of discussion in the group about sexual abuse in the Catholic Church, about Father Duncan’s life as an enforcer and as a small parish Priest and how he worked through this difficult time in his life.

In April we read 2nd Chance, the second book in James Patterson’s Women’s Murder Club Series.  After a young girl is shot down on the steps of a San Francisco church Detective Lindsay Boxer decides that the time is right to reconvene the Women’s Murder Club. Also, Boxer’s father returns after many years and she is unsure of her feelings towards him. She and the Women’s Murder Club begin to believe that the killer might have been on the force. When their suspect is killed they find out that he could not have committed the murders due to a medical condition, so they have to convince the brass that the killer is still on the loose. In the end, everyone is shocked by who the killer actually was.

Everyone generally enjoyed this book. We did all agree that it was a bit slow in the beginning, but it became more suspenseful later on. We were all surprised when we found out who the real killer was.

In May and June we are reading World Without End by Ken Follett.  We have allocated two months for this book as it is over 1,000 pages.

If you love to read and would be interested in joining the book club feel free to come to our next meeting or  call Debra at 442-2055 for more information.

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