Landfill Closes End of Jan 2015

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The Pangman Landfill closes on January 31, 2015.  After that time, you will no longer be able to take items to the Landfill.

Local garbage pick-up in Pangman is now being done by Goliath Disposal from Weyburn.  All town residents should have been provided with a disposal bin from Goliath. There is a number on each of the garbage disposal bins so they can keep track of who has what bin.  You should keep this number on file for reference.

Garbage pick-up is every Wednesday.  Goliath would like the bins set out on the street (they will not be going down back alleys).

Tips from Goliath:

  • Park it – when snow has built up please make sure the container is out further than the snow bank
  • Point it – point lid arrows towards the street and always make sure the lid is closed and can close.  If the lid doesn’t close, the bin is too full and may not be able to be picked.
  • Space it – Please make sure that your bin is a minimum of 3 feet from vehicles or other obstacles and also not in the road or hindering regular traffic.

For more information you can call Goliath at 306-848-1008 OR the Town office at 306-442-2131.

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