Dinosaur Hunter To Speak In Pangman on March 21st

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Brian Sass B.SC. Paleobiology, Dinosaur Hunter to speak in Pangman on Sunday, March 21st.

Brian Sass, a paleontologist, based in Regina, has accepted an invitation to speak at Abundant Living Centre in Pangman, this Sunday, March 21st . He will appear at the 10:30 am church service, and, following a “pot luck” lunch, which is open to the public, Mr. Sass will continue his amazing presentation, and field questions about his travels and discoveries.

On a recent interview, Mr. Sass reported, since he was a boy, he was intrigued by archaeology and paleontology. He said he occasionally assisted his uncle in search and exploration for fossils and artifacts. Science and history became his favorite subjects, and he drew top marks in these subjects and computer science. In 1990 he was attracted, as a sideline, to scientific evidences of creation and was asked to speak to small study groups about his discoveries and studies.

By 2002 he was teaching classes on Creation, Science in the Bible, and Origins and Dinosaurs at a Regina college. Further research led to two expeditions into the interior of the African rainforest, in 2003 and 2004. In September of 2009, Brian teamed up with the Genesis Park Research team to follow up on numerous reports of live Pterodactyls. This research along with missionary work among the local pygmy tribes has made these expeditions very unique and rewarding. Biblical Science, Paleoanthropolgy, and Paleobiology continue to be his main fields of study and research.

There will be no admission charge for Mr. Sass’ presentations, instead, a free will offering will be received for his work.

Dinosaur Hunter to Speak in Pangman – .pdf file to print.

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