Computers for Students

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Approximately 1,000 lucky families throughout South East Cornerstone Public School Division will receive a free desktop tower computer this year.

Every year, the division replaces roughly 1,000 computers and pieces of computer equipment and invests in new technology for schools and classrooms in the division. These four-year-old computers are usually replaced because the warranty covering them has expired.

The normal procedure in disposing of these computers is by taking them to SARCAN or another recycling agency. However, many of these computers are still in good condition and have some useful life remaining at the end of their warrantee period. Therefore, the division has updated their policy to allow donation of computer equipment back to families.

The intent of this procedure is to get adequate computers into the hands of students, without cost, that otherwise may not have access to effective computing already. These four-year-old Dell desktop towers (no monitor) come loaded with Windows XP, Open Office suite (similar to Microsoft Office) and anti-virus protection.

To receive these desktop computers, families can apply to the school their child(ren) attend(s). The principal will have a form available that can be filled out and submitted at the school. School principals will notify families of approvals as equipment is made available for pickup at the school.

South East Cornerstone Public School Division is committed to providing educational opportunities to all students, and this initiative is one way of doing that. Please be sure to contact your school for the necessary application form.

Applications must be received at the Pangman School office by Tuesday, December 20, 2011

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