Charity Farms Harvest 2012

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Charity Farms Harvest took place on September 21, 2012 and it was a lovely sunny day it. Seven (7)  New Holland combines were used for the harvest.  The Combines used belonged to Brian Jesse (2) Byron Ledingham (2) Mark Johnson, Stan Doughty.  As well E Bourassa & Sons brought their brand new 9090 out for the harvest.  The Trucks were provided by Brian Jesse, Lawrence Fellner, Roger Sambrook & John Colbow.

Morning lunch was provided by some local ladies before the machines went to work. The harvest was completed in 4 1/2 hours. Pangman School children from Grades 1-6 were bused out to see first hand the Charity Farms Harvest to get the picture of what has made the Community Kitchen attached to the school gym possible. KFC and Pizza was brought out for supper, which was supplied by the Farm Credit Corporation.

Charity Farms is a combined effort of many volunteer community residents from the beginning of each spring with seeding, spraying, swathing and the final day of harvest and loading the grain into the bins for sale. There is a sigh of relief and gratitude when the grain is in the bins and always many thanks to be said for all the different helping hands that are involved each year with Charity Farms project.

Those involved this year with the Charity Farms crop were: Brian Jesse, John Freisen, Ken Kaufmann, Bill Peters, Henry Dyck, John Metke, Stan Shepherd, John Colbow, Wayne Colbow, Byron Ledingham, Dan Cordick, Mark Johnson, Stan Doughty (combine), EBourassa & sons, Roger Sambrook, Lawrence Fellner, Wayne Lozinsky, Adam Sambrook.

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